Steak Electronics is an Electronics contracting and IT Services firm. You should "Try Steak" because of the following reasons: * This company supports Free and Open Source hardware and software. We believe ethics in business to be important, and follow the golden rule. * No hidden fees, upselling, or unnecessary purchases. If you don't need expensive equipment then we won't sell it. * We love what we do, and truly enjoy working with technology. A labour of love. Our abilities are in the following: Electronics * PCB Layout * Programming * Data Logging * Electronics Design * We strive to release work back to the community, when possible. For some projects that we work on in Electronics in our spare time, please visit the code repository. IT Services * Small business IT Networking, and maintenance * Use of local or remote GNU/Linux servers when possible (superior performance, greater flexibility) * Small website design projects (wordpress, wikis, ftp, nextcloud, vps) * We work for you, you don't work for us. We put the user in control of their IT - not the other way around. Steak Electronics has been working profressionally in IT since 2014, and with computers since childhood. We call this pursuit: "Fighting with Computers". Almost every day, we are fighting with computers - Trying to get the computer to do what we want it to. Back to Home Page

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